Immersion and courses for teenagers or adults wishing to learn or improve their French

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A Level Students

A Level French Tuition in France

LIP offers private A Level French tuition and homestay immersion courses for A Level students wishing to boost their grade ahead of forthcoming AS and A2 exams. The variety of French immersion courses which we offer across South West France are aimed at A Level students to suit different interests and to ensure that you make the very most of your French immersion experience. We offer French homestay immersion courses with tutoring, private and group French classes at our language school, and equestrian centre French immersion courses with private French tuition.

We offer three main types of A Level French Immersion Programmes:

Regardless of your current ability in French, LIP has the course you need to help you aim high!


Linguistic and Cultural Immersion

Tune into French with one of our personalised French immersion programmes. Absorb the sounds of natural French dialect both in and out of the classroom and experience living language in an authentic setting, just a stone’s throw from the bustling city of Toulouse. At LIP, we believe strongly in the importance of language learning, but also in the importance of understanding the culture associated with it. We offer the option of mixing private French language classes with cultural excursions to enrich your understanding of the Francophone world. With so much of the A Level syllabus relating to culture, participating in a cultural immersion programme really helps to enhance the student’s understanding of the world surrounding the films and literature on their A Level programme.

Individual A Level French Tuition

All of our private French tutors are qualified professionals with years of teaching experience to ensure a high-quality learning experience. We offer homestay French courses to A Level students who wish to combine language learning with bettering their cultural understanding. Staying with a host family is a fantastic way to immerse yourself fully into the life of a Francophone family and to improve your language skills. Additionally, you will take 15-20 hours per week of private French classes with your host depending upon your specific requirements. The contents of your programme will be tailored specifically to you so that you may focus upon whichever subject areas you feel you need the most help to improve.

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A Level french tuition in France

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