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When is the best time to visit Occitanie ?

Our residential French immersion courses in the Occitanie region are offered all year round, so not only can we tailor the course content of our one-to-one French language programmes to your individual requirements, but you are also in control of what type of climate you would prefer to enjoy throughout your stay. South West France has a fairly varied, yet consistently pleasant climate, so you can visit Occitanie during whichever season suits you.


Spring in South West France provides you with the stunning sights of blossoming fruit trees accross the landscape. Despite being a fairly rainy season, spring provides some of the most post card perfect landscapes that France has to offer.


The summer climate in South West France is more oceanic than mediterranean. Summer days are long, bright, and often reach temperatures of 30°C/ 86° F. You can hear cicadas chirping in the trees, see sunflowers bloom, and soak up the amiable atmosphere of a mediterranean summer night. It is the ideal season if you enjoy the soaking up the sun. Our languages school provides refuge from the hazy summer heat so you can learn in a cooler environment, thanks to the 16th century design of the building.


Autumn is the perfect season for those who enjoy basking in the hazy midday sun, but who also appreciate a crisp, fresh autumn evening. Although rainfall is common, it is arguably the best time of the year to visit the Quercy Blanc region. It’s harvest season for the Chasselas, and you will see many farmers at work in the fields or see them taking their precious grapes to market. If you like truffles too, you will have the chance to enjoy this delicious delicacy during autumn and winter when they are harvested. Autumn is the season of abundance in Vazerac, and is the perfect balance between sunny days and refreshing nights.


Southern France maintains a warmer winter climate than Northern France, and sunny days are fairly common. These pleasant winter temperatures make stays in Vazerac during the festive season an ideal time to make the most of the numerous activities our picturesque countryside has to offer. You can find out more about the activities LIP has to offer by visiting out ‘activities’ page.