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French Tutoring in Taiwan

French lessons in Taiwan

We are proud to be in partnership with French Tutoring, a French class in Taiwan ! Our residential programme is perfect if you want to greatly improve your French with other like-minded French learners or as an individual. This unique French experience is worth the investment : Renaud has understood right away how much a French immersion could be beneficial to his students.
Renaud is a Frenchie who has lived in Taiwan for more than ten years. He’s been teaching French as a second language since his arrival in the island. Renaud teaches all levels on skype or face to face. His students like the fact that his lessons are always tailored to their needs. 
He can help them take the DELF A1 to C2. If you are looking for a reliable teacher with a significant experience in Taiwan, visit Renaud’s website and get in touch with him !
French tutor in Taiwan


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