Immersion and courses for teenagers or adults wishing to learn or improve their French

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Learn French and visit France as a couple on an immersion programme.

"A unique opportunity to learn French together, as a couple or two friends, in a relaxed atmosphere in South west rural France."


Learn French with a friend or partner with LIP. Having someone to motivate you, chat with, and share a laugh will no doubt enrich your French language learning experience, and will let you experience first hand the joy of language learning!

Language of Love

French is undoubtedly the language of love and romance. Learning French with your partner will add another dimension to your relationship. Learning a language with your partner opens many doors, whether this be learning language for travelling, as an exciting date idea, or if you want to do something a bit different on your honeymoon, LIP can offer you a personally tailored, private French immersion course in the language of love, for whatever your level.

Learn French with a Friend

Learning French with your friends is a fantastic social activity to participate in. Whether you’re planning to travel to a francophone country, improve your ability, or just fancy having some fun, our duo French courses are a fantastic way for friends to fall in love with French first hand! Whatever your motivation, you can rest assured that our intense French immersion programmes will yeild dramatic improvements in just a short space of time.

Our coup de coeur

Learning as a couple or as a duo of friends is a great idea if you’re looking for a reasonably priced French programme. If you come with your partner or friend and have a similar language level, we can offer you a discounted rate on your course.