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French Courses for Expats

LIP's French classes for Expats in South West France are designed for French speakers of all levels, from total beginners wanting to get by in their new home, to advanced students wishing to fine tune their language skills. Let us create a programme specially for you, whatever your level, to improve your language skills and cultural knowlegde, so you can smoothly integrate with the local French community.

If you are planning to work in France, head to our Professionals page for a more detailed insight into what we can offer you to enhance your career opportunities in preparation for working in a French company.

Tailor-made Programmes

At LIP, we pride ourselves in offering tailor-made residential French courses, specific to the requirements of the individual. We can assist you not only with learning about general language and culture, but we can help you to prepare yourself for settling in to France. We can help you prepare for aspects of daily life, such as opening a bank account, reading and understanding utility bills, and even contacting a plumber!

Creative Teaching Methods

We use a wide range of learning techniques to ensure you make rapid progress. Role-plays, speaking games, and listening activities can all help to simulate natural dialogue with local native French speakers, so you feel prepared to go out and make friends in your new home.

Becoming a French Resident or Citizen

Our Expat French courses could help you prepare for the French Language tests which you will be required to take as part of the process for obtaining French citizenship, should you decide to apply for it. We are able to offer courses specifically tailored to helping you prepare for this type of process.

Need help with relocating to France?

Bordeaux Step By Step is our partner should you need help with the admin. Diane, who runs the company, is a sollicitor with many years of experience. She can assist you with finding the right school for your children, opening a bank account, setting up a business in France or finding a job.

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