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Immersion French programmes

French Citizenship Preparation Course

Applying for French Citizenship

If you are an expat planning to apply for French citizenship, our Expat French courses could help you prepare for the French Language tests which you will be required to take as part of the application process. We offer this type of programme for all French speaking abilities, no matter your strengths and weaknesses. All of our French expat courses are specifically tailored to helping you prepare for these exams ahead of your journey to becoming a French citizen.

Expatriate French Courses in South West France

LIP offers French classes for Expatriates of all levels who wish to improve their French and integrate themselves with the new culture and new people around them. From complete beginner to advanced, we tailor our courses to your specific needs and requirements to make your experience settling in to France as smooth and as easy as possible.
We offer our Expat French classes as private individual sessions, in pairs or in small groups. We are also able to offer you a variety of cultural excursions in either French or English to help you to integrate not only with the language, but also for you to uncover the fine French culture that is so important within our region.

Teaching Strategies

On top of teaching you French grammar and vocabulary, LIP believes that it is important for Expatriates to practice using French in natural situations. Our Expat courses are designed to prepare you for all kinds of situations which you may encounter in daily life, from talking to a shop assistant to calling a plumber and organising a medical appointment. Role-plays, games, speaking and listening classes are some of our most popular teaching methods which have consistently yeilded quick improvements in the linguistic abilities of our past students.

Expats in France French courses