Immersion and courses for teenagers or adults wishing to learn or improve their French

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About us

Who are we ?


Learn French with our team of professionals

LIP school is a language school based in South West France, which is committed to providing residential French immersion courses of the highest standard. Every member of our tight-knit team works together and knows each other personally, meaning we have close, friendly relationships with our network of private French tutors across South West France. We are very familiar with each and every one of their areas of expertise, career backgrounds and interests. We are able to match you up with your perfect private French tutor to match your specific requirements, to ensure that you are able to make the very most of your French immersion experience with us at LIP.

Enjoyable atmosphere

Our one-to-one French teachers are kind, welcoming people who like to have a laugh and make your French learning experience enjoyable. Their focus on French as well as fun provides a relaxing learning environment, which will leave you with the feeling that you’ve not only significantly improved your ability in French, but that your time spent with us at LIP has been pleasant and enjoyable.

Approachable teachers

Get to know your personally allocated French tutor even before you touch down! When you book your French immersion course with us, we will send you a pack containing photos and some basic information about your private French tutor. Getting in touch with your tutor prior to your arrival to create a personalised lesson plan means you can hit the ground running and make the very most of your French immersion programme with LIP.





Didier, the head of French teaching LIP, is a qualified History and Geography teacher and has over 20 years of experience in teaching high school students in France. He has degrees in History and English, as well as an FLE diploma for teaching French as a foreign language. Didier is also in charge of putting together the delicious, homemade, locally produced lunches that we offer at Vazerac. He is also the "referent handicap" of Langues Immersion Pro and will make sure that any person in an handicaped situation will be perfectly welcome to improve his/her French.


Jennifer, Didier’s wife, created a company named ’Anglais in France’ in 2008. The company offers residential immersion programs for French teenagers wishing to immerse themselves in the English language by living with British homestay families based in Southwest France. In 2015 she decided to create LIP in order to specialise in English courses for adult professionals. Having received a lot of demand from English-speakers looking to learn French, Jennifer and Didier decided to expand the business and offer professional French immersion courses for adults.

Teaching method

Didier has been working to provide French courses for English speaking residents in France since 2015. His students have all shared the same satisfaction with the courses provided, and they have all remarked upon the drastic developments they have noted in just a very short space of time. (see our page ‘They liked us!’ ). Didier’s unique teaching style is founded upon a dedication to the success of his students. He is an expert in teaching the complexities of French grammar in a manner in which his students find simple to understand.

Immerse yourself in French

Speaking from his own experience, Didier is a strong believer that the quickest and most effective way to learn a language is by diving in head-first and immersing yourself in a French-speaking environment. His experience of learning English by living with British families during the summer holidays as a teenager convinced him of the effectiveness of learning a language through immersion.

Teaching and mentoring

All the learning plans for one-to-one and group French immersion courses are carefully organised and supervised by Didier. He is also responsible for monitoring the progress of all of our students during their stay in Vazerac. Didier is not only an expert French tutor, but a highly-skilled coach who will work closely with you to make sure you’re right on track to meet your personal French-related goals.


the founders of LIP French school