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Location, location, location!

Take private French classes in the heart of the countryside of South West France, an hour north of Toulouse. Vazerac offers the ideal place to immerse yourself in French language and culture in an authentic, rural setting.

Authentic Learning Environment

A village of 700 people, Vazerac will provide you with a far more authentic and relaxing setting to discover the French language and culture than you would find in any of France’s larger cities. Our rustic medieval village will provide you with endless opportunities to flaunt your newly acquired language skills.

Abundance of possibilities

Pictureque Vazerac may seem sleepy on the surface, but our romantic, medieval village is a hive of activity. Not only will you find a gold mine of things to do in South West France on our ‘activities’ page, the village folk of Vazerac are extremely welcoming and are always eager to meet and chat with new faces. Vazerac is a magical place that offers plenty of genuine opportunities to practice your French, both inside and outside the classroom.

Culture of calm

It’s no secret that the South of France enjoys a more laidback lifestyle than their northern countrymen; this stereotype is certainly true of Vazerac! Take your time to talk to the locals, who are always enthusiastic about introducing people to their way of life. The people of Vazerac particularly take great pride in the local produce they yeild, and are curious to learn about the lives and cultures of visitors to their village. Exchanging conversation of experiences and culture with the local residents is a truly authentic way to immerse yourself in French in the most natural possible environment.

Land of the plentiful

The people of Occitanie (the administrative region in which Vazerac is situated) are blessed not only with a charismatic climate, but also a diverse range of scrumptious local produce.
We call this ’la culture vivrière’ or ’la polyculture’ – where the range of food and crops which can be grown here is so diverse that people don’t have to travel far to find what they need, and they seldom rely on imported produce.

The heart of Southwest France

Some of France’s most beautiful cities are based in South-West France, with Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Montpellier each a 1, 2, or 3-hour drive away respectively. A French language programme would represent the perfect opportunity for an extended stay in this beautiful region. Vazerac is easily accessible from all corners of the globe thanks to its proximity to Toulouse airport.

Linguistic and Culinary immersion

When it comes to food, the French believe in quality over quantity. That being said, Vazerac has the perfect climate to yeild a wide range of exquisite local produce for you to tuck right in to.