Immersion and courses for teenagers or adults wishing to learn or improve their French

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Host families near Vazerac

Speak French like a Native

Our French immersion homestay courses are a guarunteed method to improve your speaking proficiency and overall French communication skills by immersing yourself in the language and communicating with native speakers on a daily basis. By taking private French lessons at our language school in the morning and returning to your French host family in the afternoon, you will have the perfect chance to put your academic studies into real-life practice.
See for yourself not only a drastic improvement in your ability to speak and write fluently, but also in your listening and reading skills, as you absorb accents, living language and vocabulary in a Francophone environment.
If you’re aged 14 or over, a French immersion homestay programme is the best way for you to experience both the French language and culture as part of a French speaking family.

Hand-picked hosts

Our French host families are selected according to your specific goals and requirements. They are all based within a 10-minute drive from Vazerac, where our language school is located.
Our French host families are selected with great care. All hosts are subjected to extensive background checks to ensure your safety during your stay.
We always do our best to ensure you have a positive French immersion experience by matching the host family to your personal profile. We always aim to find a family whose interests are similar to your own. Learning French should be fun, and by speaking about topics you find interesting and engaging in activities you enjoy, you will find your French improving with seemingly little effort.

Cultural Insight

Our French homestay courses are a brilliant way to improve your understanding of the French culture and everyday family life. Our host families strive to promote intercultural exchange and will be more than happy to share the aspects of their everyday life, culture, and traditions during your stay.
Dinnertime discussions about the principle of “laicité” (secularity), for example, or the history of France’s migrant populations, or perhaps the French attitude of ‘quality not quantity’ towards food, will mean you finish your stay with a deeper understanding of the richness of French culture.

Your Lodgings

In your homestay host family, you will have your own bedroom with a single or double bed. Each room has a desk or table, chair, lamp, wardrobe and chest of drawers. Washing facilities for clothes are provided, and hosts wash student bedding once a week. Private bathrooms are available upon request, so please specify on the form if this is something you are looking for.
Breakfast and evening meals will be taken with your French host family, which provides ample opportunity for conversation in French.
Most of our host families are located in the hills of the rolling French countryside occupying the picturesque farm houses which pose a unique and traditional charm.
Given you may be living in France for the first time, you may encounter some cultural differences. We encourage openness and communication, so please speak to Didier or your host family if there’s anything we can do to help you settle in to this new environment.

Guides to South-West France

Our native French homestay families are there to help you discover as much of Occitanie as possible during your stay. This means they will take you to local events, introduce you to authentic French cuisine, take you on sporting excursions, and help you to discover the region’s picturesque landscape.
The Occitanie region is also famous for its duck products, which means you may get the chance to taste the famous ‘confit de canard’ during your stay.

'Dis-moi ce que tu manges et je te dirai qui tu es’

The abundance of fresh local produce in Occitanie means that food rarely needs to be imported in our region. Fruit and vegetables grow in abundance year-round, and are richly flavoursome. Many families grow their own produce, so you can enjoy the mouth watering seasonal offerings that South West France has on offer.