Immersion and courses for teenagers or adults wishing to learn or improve their French

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Immersion French programmes

Semi-Intensive French Course

Discover French Language and Culture in Occitanie

Our semi-intensive French immersion course is the perfect combination of French language classes and relaxing cultural excursions. Most courses last from one to two weeks, and are popular amongst both adults and teens. Combining private French classes with cultural excursions is a sure way to immerse yourself in both the formal and informal French language registers, whilst making your learning experience an enjoyable vacation! Our cultural tours of Occitanie, South West France, are organised for you, so you can focus all of your attention on your academic studies without missing out on the fun stuff!

Best of both worlds

One-to-one French lessons in the morning, cultural excursions during the afternoon... At LIP we make sure you make the most of the things that matter to you. Learn French in the classroom, or simply request a full-day excursion to discover the rich culture Occitanie has to offer. This blended teaching approach provides the perfect balance between academia and adventure. Our cultural immersion programme will undoubtably enrich you understanding of the language and culture of France.

What's on Offer?

South West France proposes an abundance of opportunity for all ages and interests. LIP proposes a variety of cultural and sporting excursions, from discovering the rich local produce grown right here in Occitanie, visiting historic towns and villages and wine tasting, to horse riding in the Tarn et Garonne and Quercy countryside, canoeing, biking tours and much more!

Outings in south west france

canoeing in quercy